Pool Contractors: Everything You Need to Know

Pool Contractors: Everything You Need to Know

3 Reasons to Choose a Concrete Pool

Manuel Douglas

As you plan a new pool, you have to decide which material to use in its construction. While some people opt for a fibreglass build, others go for concrete. What are the advantages of choosing a concrete pool?

1. Design Flexibility 

Fibreglass pools are pre-manufactured. You choose the size and design you want and then install the pre-made shell once it is delivered.

This is a good solution as long as you can find the right size and design to suit you. If you want more flexibility, then installing a concrete pool makes more sense.

You lay the concrete on the pool site. So, you can fill the space and create pool features that exactly suit your needs and the space you have available. This is particularly useful if you want to fit a pool in a tight or awkward area. It's also a good solution if you want a smaller or larger pool than the norm, or if you want to have steps, ledges or seats in a non-standard configuration.

2. More Depth

If you want a deep plunge pool — or to have a deeper area at one end — then your choices are limited with fibreglass pools. Their shells can give you some depth but this may not be enough for your needs.

If you construct a concrete pool on site, you choose exactly how deep the pool can go. So, if you have a budding diving champion in your family, you could even set up a diving board at one end of the pool while keeping a shallow end at the other for your younger kids to splash around in.

3. Longer-Lasting Solution

Fibreglass pools are robust. They are made to last. However, they can suffer from damage over the years. Some develop hairline or even bigger cracks; some lose their shape or spring a leak. It's not always easy to repair a fibreglass shell. Even if you can fix the damage by, for example, filling a crack, you may not get a perfect colour match if the fibreglass has faded in the sun.

Concrete is a stronger option. It won't fade or lose its shape. It is also better able to cope with pool chemicals and even salt in your pool water. Plus, if you do need to patch an area up, this is an easier fix.

To find out more about the advantages of installing concrete pools, contact local pool contractors.


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