Pool Contractors: Everything You Need to Know

Pool Contractors: Everything You Need to Know

Two Types of "Extra" Pool Equipment You Absolutely Need

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When you have a swimming pool installed, you don't just get a pool with water in it. You need pool equipment, ranging from pumps and filters to slides and other extras. People don't always realise what they really need to get when first arranging to have the pool installed, and with early research, they soon figure out what they need to keep the pool safe and clean at a minimum. But the minimum often neglects some very real issues, and looking at those "extras" can actually make using the pool a lot more enjoyable.

A Removable Fence

You do need a pool fence. That fence keeps out kids who have wandered into the yard or those that are playing and suddenly run away from you; you don't want them to trip and end up in the water and unable to get out. However, fences can take up a lot of space, not leaving a lot of room on the concrete deck for chairs and tables should you want to have friends over. Removable fences are a good compromise as they remain fixed in special sleeves installed in the deck until you purposefully take the posts out. When you've finished with your party, you can put the fence back in. (And you do need to do that immediately once everyone goes home.)

A Wildlife Ramp

A very sorry fact about having a pool is that it can trap wildlife that end up in your yard. Remember that wildlife is not always a big animal that can handle water; sometimes it's a lizard or smaller creature trying to get across your yard only to find it's landed in your pool. These animals don't realize that there are steps at one end, so they don't know to head to the shallow end; they just tread water or try to stay afloat, which slowly exhausts the animal. A number of animals do end up dead each year because they finally gave up and drowned. However, someone very enterprising created wildlife ramps, which are small ramps that hang off the side of your pool and allow trapped creatures to get out. Placing one of these on each side of the pool – they are removable – helps many of these animals get out and continue on their journey.

No one wants to find dead animals at the bottom of their pool, and no one wants to deal with cramped decks. Removable fences and wildlife ramps help prevent these issues easily. While they might not be the most urgently needed equipment (although you do need a fence, even permanently installed), they make owning, running, and using the pool a lot easier.

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