Pool Contractors: Everything You Need to Know

Pool Contractors: Everything You Need to Know

Deliberating On An In-Ground Pool? Opt For An Infinity Pool!

Manuel Douglas

A swimming pool is an amenity that most homeowners would eagerly invest in if they had the space and the resources to do so. Thus, if you have recently moved into a property that provides you with adequate backyard space and you have the budget to construct an in-ground pool, it is unsurprising that you would jump at the chance to have one built at your property. This amenity offers a myriad of benefits ranging from easy at-home exercising to a designated area for hosting family and friends.

But instead of choosing traditional in-ground pool design, you should instead opt for an infinity pool. When a professional infinity pool builder constructs this swimming pool for you, it creates an illusion of your property seamlessly extending and blending into the horizon. Check out the following reasons why you should opt for an infinity pool when contemplating in-ground pool construction.

Undeniable visual appeal

One thing most people can agree on is that infinity pools are considerably more attractive than conventionally designed swimming pools. Nonetheless, this does not mean that only the pool will be a point of visual interest in your backyard. When you choose to invest in this type of pool design, you are inadvertently investing in the overall upgrade of the appearance of the backyard. For starters, infinity pools have the uncanny ability to make your yard seem larger than it is, and this can be attributed to the fact that the pool itself appears to be endless.

Secondly, depending on how strategically the pool is placed on your property, the look and feel of your yard can be transformed into a typical or exotic oasis. For example, having foliage and shrubbery surrounding the pool makes the infinity pool the centre of attention in your yard, and this makes the area appear similar to an oasis.

Ease of upkeep

An advantage of infinity pools that may surprise you, whether you have lived in a house with a swimming pool or not, is that these pools are much easier to maintain when compared to their traditional counterparts. Part of the reason why infinity pools appear to be endless is the water inside them keeps circulating and subsequently cascading over the zero-edge.

As the water overflows, it collects in a basin under the infinity edge, where it is redirected into the swimming pool's filtration system. The pool water is filtered and directed back into the infinity pool for reuse. This continual movement of water eliminates the risk of stagnation, unlike in conventional swimming pools. Hence, your infinity pool is not at risk of becoming a haven for algae, mosquitoes and bacteria.

Some homeowners may be sceptical about infinity pools since they do cost more to construct. However, keep in mind that the increased property value, stunning views and the pros mentioned above all make them a worthwhile investment.


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