Pool Contractors: Everything You Need to Know

Pool Contractors: Everything You Need to Know

Pool Maintenance Dos and Don'ts Every Homeowner Should Consider

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One of the essential tasks you must do if you have a pool in your home is to clean it regularly. This prevents issues like the growth and development of black algae, pool stains and pool hazards. So, whether you choose to hire a pool cleaning professional to handle the maintenance on your behalf or not, it's advisable to know some of the key aspects of pools. This will help you avoid making some common, costly mistakes that many homeowners make today. After all, pool maintenance isn't just about removing leaf debris and leaves from the swimming pool or ensuring that the pH and chlorine levels are balanced. Below are some dos and don'ts you should know.

Don't: Add too much or little chlorine

Although the chlorine that added in pools is generally safe, you should not add too much or too little of it into the pool. Doing so will cause more harm than good. For instance, too little chlorine will not be sufficient enough to disinfect the water, and one could suffer from health problems caused by bacteria. Too much of it can easily irritate the skin. Make sure you follow the directions accordingly to avoid issues or talk to an expert. Also, remember that chlorine should be added at night since the substance will break down when it's exposed to sunlight.

Do: Brush the pool

Most property owners believe that their pools are clean after they add chlorine. The truth is that chlorine will kill the germs and bacteria, but it doesn't mean that the water is safe for use. Disinfecting the pool is not the same as cleaning it.

For this reason, it is essential to hire a pool cleaning expert to scrub the walls and tiles from time to time. This way, you will ensure that calcium deposits don't get a chance to accumulate and harden, which makes the pool cleaning process difficult. Generally, wall and tile scrubbing needs to be done each week, and you shouldn't ignore the stairs, corners and ladders. Also, do not forget to clean the area that surrounds the pool.

Do: Cover the pool                                                                                         

If you are sure that your swimming pool will not be used for some time, maybe because you are going on a vacation or the weather isn't favourable, consider covering it. Failing to do so will make the pool's cleaning process more tedious for you. More debris, dirt and germs will get into the pool, and your cleaning expert will charge more for the work.

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Pool Contractors: Everything You Need to Know

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