Pool Contractors: Everything You Need to Know

Pool Contractors: Everything You Need to Know

4 Signs Your Spa Pump Requires Repair

Manuel Douglas

Home spas provide an excellent space in which to exercise, socialise, or relax. For your home spa to function correctly, you need to keep your spa pump in good working order. Here are a few key signs that your spa pump requires repair in the near future.

1. Strange Sounds

When spa pumps wear out, they often start to make strange noises. Sometimes, you might notice a humming noise even when no water is flowing, which could indicate that the pump has seized. If the pump continues to run but rumbles or squeals, the bearings could be about to fail.

Always pay attention to the sounds your spa pump makes. If it seems noisier than usual, it is probably time to get it checked.

2. Low Water Pressure

The purpose of a spa pump is to force water to flow in a particular direction, which can create effects such as high-pressure jets. If the pump starts to wear out, you might notice that the water pressure is much lower than usual.

Sometimes, low water pressure occurs because debris is blocking the impeller part of the pump, preventing water from flowing freely. In this case, you can simply remove the debris to return your pump to its normal function. If you do not see any debris, then it is likely that your pump is damaged and requires repair.

3. Lack of Function

If nothing happens when you switch on your spa pump, there is clearly a fault preventing it from working properly. However, do not assume that you will need to repair the pump entirely. Often, spa pumps that fail to operate have electrical faults, which can be fixed relatively easily by a qualified service person. Do not try to fix electrical issues yourself, as electrical systems can be dangerous.

4. Water Leaks

In addition to issues with the electrical system and the pump itself, spa pumps can also develop leaks in the pipework that supplies them with water. If you notice water leaking from your pump, it is important to get this plumbing issue resolved as soon as possible. Water that leaks into the pump's electrical system could cause a short circuit or even start a fire. Even if neither of these disastrous outcomes occurs, leaks still waste water and push up running costs. Turn off the pump and call a spa pump service to ask them to come and take a look.


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