Pool Contractors: Everything You Need to Know

Pool Contractors: Everything You Need to Know

How to Choose the Right Floating Pool Lights

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If you add floating lights to your pool, then you can turn it into a visual centrepiece. If you're having a night-time party or simply like to relax by the pool as the sun goes down, then you might enjoy adding some distinctive lighting features to the water. Typically, these lights use LED technology to create different visual effects and light styles. Before you buy floating lights, however, it's worth looking at some key features to ensure you get the best results.

What should you do before you buy floating lights?

Choose a Lighting Style

Pool lights can have different effects. For example, a simple pool ball might give out a constant and diffused light in one or more colours. This kind of option is good if you want to add subtle lighting to your water that isn't too bright. Alternatively, some lights are stronger and more vibrant. They can create light shows and cast their effects further through the water.

For example, there might be times when you want the unit to simply shine a single colour that doesn't change. Or, if you prefer, the light can flash, fade in and out or create wave effects in different colours. Here, one light could create effects across all the water. If you want more colour and show options, then this kind of unit might be a good option.

Compare Charging Cycles

Most floating pool lights work on a sealed internal battery. This battery is usually rechargeable and lasts for a specific number of hours before it runs down. Think about how long you might want your lights to be on in one session. Look for products whose charging cycle matches this number of hours. The longer a battery lasts, the longer the light will work between charges. In addition, it's also worth thinking about how you want to charge the light. Some work on USB charging, so you'll have to take the light out of the water to recharge it.

However, some floating lights use solar power to recharge. This might be an easier option if you don't want to have to remember to charge the light in advance.

Look for Additional Features

Some floating pool lights simply work on an on/off switch; others use remote controls. These controls are handy—you won't need to take the light out of the pool to change its settings. Likewise, some pool lights also include a music player in their units. This option gives you a different way of listening to music outdoors. Some models even allow you to co-ordinate your lightshow with the track that is playing.

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