Pool Contractors: Everything You Need to Know

Pool Contractors: Everything You Need to Know

In-ground Vs Above-Ground Pools - Which Pool Is Best For You?

Manuel Douglas

Summer is close, and pool builders are busy completing pool installations before the summer heat arrives. If you are trying to decide between in-ground and above-ground pools, you may be finding it difficult to make the final choice. So that you can get your pool installation booked in time for your family to have water fun in the sun, these comparison notes regarding in-ground versus above-ground pools are useful for your decision.


Before you can book in any pool installation, you need to determine your budget, and that budget goes a long way to help you determine which pool to get. An in-ground pool is more expensive than an above-ground pool because there is extra preparation work required. For an in-ground pool, a hole needs to be dug, the excess dirt removed, and then a crane needs to lower the pool into position (if you purchase a pre-made shell). However, with an above-ground pool, all you need is a level piece of ground to set the pool up on. The price difference can be thousands of dollars depending on the pool size and design.


The landscaping around the pool also differs between the two pool types, so you need to decide what sort of landscaping you want. An in-ground pool is paved around and then enclosed with a mandatory pool fence. An above-ground pool still requires a mandatory fence, but you need to decide whether to pave around it or if you will place the pool close to your home and build a deck out to surround it. The additional cost of the deck means that landscaping an above-ground pool is often more expensive than an in-ground one.

Child Safety

Both pools must have a pool fence around them, in line with current Australian standards. However, an in-ground pool is more appealing to parents of young children simply because of how quickly it can be checked for a missing child. If a child climbs up a pool ladder and falls into an above-ground pool, it is not as immediately noticeable as if they fall into an in-ground pool. This safety feature depends on the age of your children and whether you are worried or not about being able to immediately see into the pool.

These three factors will help you decide what type of pool should be installed at your home. Make a decision quickly before the opportunity passes to get it installed for summer, and contact a pool builder when you are ready to move forward.


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Pool Contractors: Everything You Need to Know

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