Pool Contractors: Everything You Need to Know

Pool Contractors: Everything You Need to Know

Top Tips When Hiring An Infinity Pool Builder

Manuel Douglas

Infinity pools are one of the most recent trends in the real estate market. The pools feature a vanishing edge that seems to adjoin with physical features such as the sea or nearby landscapes. Although infinity pools give your property a touch of class, sophistication and uniqueness, they have a simple operating mechanism. The pool is designed to slant in such a way that water overflows from the vanishing edge. This water collects in a basin and pumped back into the pool. 

You are probably wondering how to install an infinity pool in your home or business complex. Read this article for a few tips on the considerations you should make when hiring an infinity pool builder

Builder Portfolio And Reputation

A quick internet search will reveal that there are many builders advertising infinity pool construction services. So, how do you choose one builder from the pack? Contact the builder and ask for their portfolio. Experienced builders will send their portfolio and offer to take you for a site visit to assess some of their projects. Examine the builder's reputation. Other than their work quality, inquire about their project management and customer relation skills. 

Licencing And Availability 

The builder should have a valid operating licence. Contact the local builder's association to check whether the builder has been accused of flouting local construction laws or improper conduct. Additionally, the builder should have general liability insurance to protect you from compensation suits. Inquire about the builder's availability. Remember, you would want your pool operational within a few weeks. 


Once you are confident with the builder's services, ask them to conduct a site inspection to determine the viability of your project. Before the inspection, the builder should assess local building regulations to determine whether there are restrictions on the construction of infinity pools. During the inspection, the builder should advise on an ideal location, size or pool orientation. Typically, the pool should improve the appeal of your property. Besides, it should integrate landscaping features such as decks, sun loungers and patios. 


Ask the builder to break down their quote. It ensures you have a comprehensive understanding of the construction costs. Ask the builder to give a counter quote with cost-saving measures that do not compromise the appeal and safety of the pool. For instance, decks could be built using engineered wood as opposed to solid hardwood. You could also forgo granite paving and go for cheaper options, such as gravel and sandstone. 

When hiring an infinity pool builder, assess the builder's portfolio, reputation, licencing, availability, professionalism and pricing. 


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Pool Contractors: Everything You Need to Know

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